Notice and Agenda: May 7, 2015, One Ashburton Place, Video Conference Room, 9-11am

Special Commission to Reduce the Recidivism of Sex Offenders
May 7, 2015, 9-11am
One Ashburton Place, Video Conference Room,* 10th Floor, Boston, MA

Meeting Notice and Agenda

I. Introductions

II. Vote on 4/1/15 Draft Minutes

III. Presentation by Sex Offender Registry Board Member Maria Piccillo, Psy. D.

IV. Plan for Upcoming Meetings
A. Committee for Public Counsel Services Presentation
1. May 28, 9-11am, One Ashburton Place, Matta Conference Room, 11th Floor
B. Probation Department Presentation
1. June 15, 1-3pm, One Ashburton Place, Charles River Room, 10th Floor

V. Other Business


*Change of venue from the Charles River Room.

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